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Is your business affected by weather? Will your hiring patterns be affected by how severe a winter will be, or how much rain you can expect during the summer season? Would you buy a commodity if you knew there was going to be a drought in a particular part of the world? How will you plan for your next crop if you knew that adverse weather was coming nine months from today?

Fortunately, a small but innovative company twenty minutes outside of Gainesville, Florida has a solution for you.

This company is Clear Science, Inc., in Keystone Heights, Florida, whose CEO Bruce Ford is building what is clearly one of the most interesting and innovative companies around. Bruce can create a 9-month weather forecast that can be used not only by government agencies and the U.S. Armed Forces, but also by the private sector.

These weather reports are not the same as what we get from television and radio news or from our smart phones and computers. What Clear Science is doing is entirely different with implications that can affect multi-million dollar decisions.

Traditional Weather forecasting collects quantitative data about the current state of atmospheric conditions in order to provide a forecast that is mostly good for the next 24 to 48 hours. While this type of forecasting can sometimes look forward seven to ten days, reports that go beyond 48 hours are less accurate. In essence the weather man is only going to give you time to react to current or imminent climate conditions.

This gives you time to plan for clothing, to carry an umbrella, or to plan for a major weather event such as tornadoes or hurricanes. It will not allow you to plan for your next crop after your harvest is completed, or whether to invest in a commodity that could be affected by weather patterns in a particular part of the world anywhere from six to nine months in the future.

Clear Science’s 9-month forecast was created by the same team that built the US Navy’s enterprise climate analysis tool and the first real-time, global, climate visualization tool of its kind. The 9-month forecast was created to help the private sector benefit from these innovations. This type of trend-tracking allows businesses of all types to reduce risk or position themselves for maximum profit.

Realistically speaking, this is not the type of weather forecast that will allow you to find out if it will rain on your wedding day nine months from now. Instead it is a serious, future weather modeling and trend analysis tool based on cutting edge technology that allows you to see emerging patterns nine months into the future.

Whether you are planning a construction project, planting crops, investing or buying energy, advanced knowledge of future weather environments affords businesses the type of lead time that translates into maximum profitability. This type of web-based analysis system allows the user to identify important trends in temperature, precipitation, winds and scores of other weather parameters, providing the type of information that allows proper decision making.

Other future weather monitoring services just show a snapshot of future data. Unfortunately, a mere snapshot can often prove inaccurate over time and often it can lead you to the wrong decision. 9-month Forecast can help you track the trends that are important to your business as they develop or change making sure your decisions are the best ones for your business.

To put things in perspective, the U.S. Government invests heavily in multi-season forecasting and climate monitoring, relying on this type information to plan for the future and be able to position billions of dollars in assets worldwide. Today, Clear Science is able to put the same tools at the disposal of corporations looking to maximize profits.

Potential uses for a 9-month forecast.