globalization…An unbiased explanation of the trade policy options we face today…

Recently and specially during the 2016 presidential election cycle, there has been a great deal of discussion and criticism about both the U.S.’s free trade approach and also the free trade agreements that have either been enacted or are being currently negotiated. This public narrative seems to be based on the sentiment that free trade and free trade agreements are at the expense of American jobs ultimately negatively affecting the economy.

However, what would imply moving away from our current policy of free trade? How would our country change? Would the American people accept the type of changes that would be required to put in place a protectionist or mercantilist policy of trade? If the country moved ahead with a policy change such as this, would our current form of government be able to implement the types of programs needed to make the change from a free market economy to protectionism or mercantilism?

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