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May 2017

Multiple Intelligences — A different way to look at your abilities and I.Q.

Maybe we are smarter than we think we really are.

Have you ever bombed on your LSAT? What about your GRE or even your GMAT? How many of you feel your IQ score does not really represent how intelligent you really are? Do not despair. You are not alone. Chances are you are smarter than those pesky scores you received when you took these tests. Most IQ test contain different types of questions. These are usually mathematical and verbal analogies as well as spatial and mathematical pattern driven questions. Plus questions that have to do with the ability to classify, do visual recognition, spatial positioning, and reach logical conclusions.

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China We — America I

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A look at collectivist China through the eyes of Individualistic America

Art mimics life. Or is it the other way around. One thing is for sure; when it comes to American individualism nothing describes it better than Hollywood.

Take the 1971 movie Big Jake, with John Wayne playing the title role. When his grandson gets kidnapped by John Fain’s gang, Big Jake goes into action. He packs his six-shooter and his trusty 30–30 Winchester, gets on his horse and heads out to rescue the boy. Needless to say he kills a lot of people and brings the boy back.

And what about Liam Neeson in Taken. Neeson plays ex-CIA operative Bryan Mills who sets out to rescue his kidnapped daughter from human traffickers, all by his lonesome. Do we even need to go into details? Neeson’s character Bryan Mills wipes everybody out and brings his daughter back safe and sound. Needless to say those savvy Hollywood types know what Americans like and filmed Taken 2. There is even talk of a Taken 3.

America loved the real Sargent York, who during WWI, with his army issued Springfield .30–06 carbine in hand, took hundreds of German soldiers as prisoners all by himself. But America loved the movie too, played by Garry Cooper in 1941. In real life, Sargent York exemplified American ingenuity, valor, and modesty. A true American hero portrayed in the movie that followed in a very compelling and realistic way.

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