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Multiple Intelligences — A different way to look at your abilities and I.Q.

Maybe we are smarter than we think we really are.

Have you ever bombed on your LSAT? What about your GRE or even your GMAT? How many of you feel your IQ score does not really represent how intelligent you really are? Do not despair. You are not alone. Chances are you are smarter than those pesky scores you received when you took these tests. Most IQ test contain different types of questions. These are usually mathematical and verbal analogies as well as spatial and mathematical pattern driven questions. Plus questions that have to do with the ability to classify, do visual recognition, spatial positioning, and reach logical conclusions.

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Robots, Artificial Intelligence and Wide Spread Idleness

…will universal guaranteed income save the economy…?

Could artificial intelligence and robots trigger mass unemployment and the collapse of the economy?

The answer is yes, and no. Yes, they will most likely cause mass unemployment. An Oxford University study points to a probable 47% of the worlds jobs to be lost due to automation from robots or artificial intelligence within the next 20 years. No, the economy need not collapse if certain precautions are taken and the proper social programs are put in place.

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Mind Enabled® Technology – crucial for Artificial Intelligence, robotics, gaming, forecasting.

Inventor Scott Wilber would like to find people who are good at using their mind-power in directly affecting the Mind Enabled® Technology progam in order to conduct some further experiments.  If interested please go to:

Inventor Scott Wilbur, CEO of Psigenics Corporation, associated with Santa Fe College Gainsville Technical Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC) in Gainesville, Florida has recently launched a new website featuring a training program and demonstration applications utilizing Mind Enabled® Technology.

ME Tech for short utilizes interaction of focused mental intention with hardware designed to measure a type of quantum entanglement produced with the desired information. Basically this is a system that responds directly to mental focus. It is a form of bio-feedback that shows effects on a special hardware device. When conected over the internet to a unique  random number generator, the user’s focused mental intention can create more favorable “influenced” outcomes. The more the user practices, the more a shift in results can be obtained. 

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Inventor Scott Wilber develops brain-power harvesting machine that causes huge sink hole swallowing half of the University of Florida


Gainesville, Florida — June 6, 2016. Gigantic sink hole estimated to measure half mile in diameter swallows a large part of the University of Florida in the early hours of Sunday, June 5th. Inventor Scott Wilber associated with Santa Fe College Gainesville Technology Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC) and developer of Mind Enabled® Technology has been blamed for the geological catastrophe as he was able to put together a team of “power-minds” who in concert generated the brainwaves that caused the ground to collapse.

Well…..not entirely true. As my uncle who lived in Poughkeepsie would have said; “that is crapolla — totally bullshitastic”.

But really, if you or any of your friends would like to see if they can move an object on a computer screen with the mind only, go to this website and give it a try — Scott Wilber would like to find a dozen or so people that are really good at it in order to conduct some further experiments that could possibly change the world!!

But more about Mind Enabled® Technology later.

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